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This is where I decided to put stuff that I have found on the internet that didn't seem to have enough mirrors, or just stuff that might be useful.


I was looking for a way to do graphs in TeX and inserting postscript just wasn't doing it, for a number of reasons. Graph-TeX was a much better solution for me. You can read about it at John Pliam's page, or download it from the official distribution site. If you have trouble finding it, I have a (possibly outdated) copy.
graphtex1.0beta.tgz (54791 bytes) gzipped tar file

Vi Reference Card

There are a lot of reference cards for Vi around, but none seemed suited to my taste, so I created my own. I like to believe that with this one I have caught the ``spirit of Vi'' in one page. I actually use the Vim editor which is even nicer than Vi.
vi-ref.tex ( bytes) LaTeX source
vi-ref.dvi ( bytes) TeX DVI file
vi-ref.pdf ( bytes) Portable Document Format ( bytes) Postscript

If you are also a Vim user, then you may like ``The Back Side,'' intended to be a companion to the Vi Reference Card.
vi-back.tex ( bytes) LaTeX source
vi-back.dvi ( bytes) TeX DVI file
vi-back.pdf ( bytes) Portable Document Format ( bytes) Postscript

Vim xhtml macros

Since embracing xhtml for all of my pages, I decided to create a set of Vim xhtml macros. Place them in your .vim/ftplugin directory. They create a menu in the gui and define numerous shortcuts beginning with ; (for example ;tt creates a pair of <tt></tt> tags).
xhtml.vim ( bytes) Vim macros

Vi bindings for bash

I have also started using the Vi editing mode for bash. However, there were a few things I found annoying after having used Emacs mode for a very long time:

So I wrote a small set of bindings for bash users with a PC keyboard. Normally these would go into your .inputrc, but there seemed to be some bugs with that, so I created a .bash_bindings file that can be sourced from your .bashrc or .bash_profile. These generally correct the complaints listed and let you work mostly in insert mode.

Note, these are for versions of bash using readline 4.2 or earlier. Many of my complaints above have been resolved with newer versions than I am currently running (from Debian Woody). There are also features in newer readline libraries that are not compatible with these macros. It won't hurt anything to try them, they just won't work properly.
bash_bindings.txt ( bytes) bash macros

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