Programers Ester Gerston and Gloria Ruth Gordon working on the first general-purpose electronic computer, the ENIAC, in 1946. (U.S. Army photo)

Four female computer scientists who worked on the ENIAC holding various components of the computer (U.S. Army photo).
From Left to Right: Patsy Simmers, holding ENIAC board; Gail Taylor, holding EDVAC board; Milly Beck, holding ORDVAC board; Norma Stec, holding BRLESC-I board.

Betty Jennings and Frances Bilas operate the ENIAC's main control panel while the machine was still located at the Moore School (U.S. Army Photo).

Who We Are

TWICS (Tru-Women in Computer Science) is a student organization for women interested in Computer Science at Truman State University. We work to support and encourage women interested in Computer Science and Technology.

What We Do

Every meeting either involves a short tutorial prepared and presented by a current member or a guest speaker. Tutorials are prepared and presented by active members in order to in form the rest of the group about various Computer Science and technology topics. Past tutorials have covered the basics of Wordpress, Google Sites, Linux Terminal Commands, and Android programing. Guest speakers come from the Truman Community and beyond to share their experiences and other information relevant to the advancement of women in the Computer Sciences field. TWICS members are also available to tutor their fellow members or anyone having trouble in Computer Science classes.


Come Join Us!

Interested in what we do? Come check out one of our meetings. We meet every Tuesday when classes are in session at 6:00PM in VH 1148.


During Truman Week, TWiCS raises money by selling TV and custom length ethernet cables. Come find us in one of the Res Halls on Move-In Day or email Jackie Nobbe or Jessica Hack for delivery direct to your dorm room.

Throughout the year, TWICS and ACM maintain a DVD machine in the computer lab on the third floor of Pickler Memorial Library. For only $1 you can get a DVD for a school or personal project.